Why Swift May Be the Next Big Thing in Deep Learning

If you are into deep learning, then Swift is a language you should probably start learning. Why? Learn in this post.

Key Deep Learning Architectures - ZFNet

Detailed overview of the ZFNet architecture.

Deep Learning Vision for Non-Vision Tasks

Learn about how creative data processing allows using the full power of deep learning vision for non-vision tasks.

Key Deep Learning Architectures - LeNet-5

Detailed overview of the LeNet-5 architecture.

Key Deep Learning Architectures for Visual Object Recognition

This series provides an overview of important CNN architectures.

Key Deep Learning Architectures - AlexNet

Detailed overview of the AlexNet architecture.

Stochastic Weight Averaging — a New Way to Get State of the Art Results in Deep Learning

SWA is a method to ensemble models in the weight space, allowing to achieve better generalization.

Understanding Hinton’s Capsule Networks. Part 4. CapsNet Architecture.

Taking apart the CapsNet, layer by layer.

Understanding Hinton’s Capsule Networks. Part 3. Dynamic Routing Between Capsules.

Dynamic routing is a novel algorithm that allows to train CapsNets.

Understanding Hinton’s Capsule Networks. Part 2. How Capsules Work.

Getting grasp of internal workings of capsules.

Understanding Hinton’s Capsule Networks. Part 1. Intuition.

This post provides basic intuition behind CapsNets.

Computer Vision-Based Vehicle Detection

In this project, I use computer vision methods and traditional machine learning models to build a real-time vehicle detection system.

Advanced Lane Finding

In this project, I use advanced computer vision techniques to detect road lanes and measure road curvature and vehicle offset relative to the center of lane.

Behavioral Cloning using Deep Learning

In this project, I use deep learning to teach a simulated vehicle to drive around the track.

Traffic Signs Classification

In this project, I used deep learning to classify traffic signs.

Finding Lane Lines on the Road

In this project, I used computer vision techniques to automatically detect road lanes.

Predictive Modeling in Breast Cancer Diagnostics Using Supervised Machine Learning Techniques

In this project, I chose to use supervised machine learning to build a breast cancer diagnostic system.