Key Deep Learning Architectures for Visual Object Recognition

This series provides an overview of some of the prominent neural network architectures. Reading through this guide and all supplemental materials should help you develop an understanding of the modern neural network architectures and the main ideas behind them.

Before starting, you should have some familiarity with the basics of neural networks, backpropagation algorithm, and gradient descent. To learn these, I recommend two amazing courses:

  1. Practical Deep Learning For Coders” from
  2. CS231n: Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition” from Stanford

List of architectures in this guide

Sorted in chronological order.

Coming soon:

  • GoogLeNet (2014)
  • Inception (2014)
  • VGG (2014)
  • InceptionV2, InceptionV3 (2015)
  • ResNet (2015)
  • InceptionV4 (2016)
  • DenseNet (2016)
  • Xception (2016)
  • MobileNet (2017)
  • NASNet (2017)
  • SE-ResNet (2017)
  • MobileNetV2 (2018)

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